The following are popular selections from Miss Mina's extensive repertoire of burlesque acts. Videos of some of them can be seen here.

By Any Other Name

Music: "La Vie en Rose" by Louis Armstrong (3:26)
Colors: Red and green

Follow Miss Mina on a parasol-twirling promenade down the Champs-Elyses. Her award-winning rose costume is dazzling in its attention to detail. The final reveal is a perennial crowd pleaser.

Stage set: none

Special: can be performed with a chorus line of back-up dancers
In venues with the capability, act can end with a rose-petal drop.
Photo by Sandy Middlebrooks

Photo by Sandy Middlebrooks


Music: "Howlin'" by The Spectres (3:48)
Colors: Pink and black

Created for a Dr. Who-themed burlesque show, Miss Mina proceeds to show that she's not afraid of the big Bad Wolf.

Stage set: a chair

The Faerie Queen

Seen at the Ohio Burlesque Festival 2014, the Vermont Burlesque Festival 2015, and the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival 2017.

Music: "Celeste Giglio" by Renaissonics (4:30)
Colors: Purple and gold

A mystical encounter with an ethereal beauty. The Faerie Queen will enchant you with this blend of striptease and magic.

Stage set: none
A stage kitten will be needed to hand Miss Mina her fan.

See performance here.

Photo by Eric Paul Owens

Photo by Eric Paul Owens

French Champagne

Seen at Monday Night Tease, Los Angeles' longest-running weekly burlesque show, the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival 2017, and ABurlyQ! Burlesque and Sideshow Spectacular 2017.

Music: "In  Pain In Paris" by Four Piece Suit (5:00)
Colors: Black, crystal

Miss Mina indulges in a bottle of champagne, but she prefers the ice!

Stage set: 2 chairs and table, small rugs

Note: Involves a small amount of liquid, but the rugs will catch it.

See performance here.