Miss Mina is Headmistress of The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education (or B.A.B.E.), New England's only burlesque dance school. She is available for private and semi-private lessons and for speaking on burlesque topics. Besides classes at B.A.B.E., she has also taught at other venues including The Great Burlesque Exposition, BurlyCon, The Windy City Burlesque Festival, The Buckeye Burlesque Academy, RuffleCon, Mensa, Shake Fitness, Moxie in the City, and Center Stage Fitness.

Planning a bridal shower, bachelorette party, birthday bash, or girls' night out? Spice things up by adding a little burlesque lesson to your party! One of B.A.B.E.'s Burly-Q Parties will make for a unique and memorable celebration.

For the current class offerings, please see B.A.B.E's website. For private lessons and other classes, please contact Miss Mina.


Thank you for teaching such a fun, fantastic Burlesque for Beginners class! You teach with humor, compassion and I really enjoyed the class.”

— Linda (B.A.B.E student)

Available Classes

These are a few of the workshops that Miss Mina is currently available to teach.

Achieving Closure

Nothing can ruin a stripteaser's day faster than a closure which opens too soon...or won't open at all. Closures range from the simple to the esoteric, and each one has an ideal use. Master costumer Miss Mina Murray teaches you the advantages and disadvantages of different types of costume closures, from adhesive to zippers.

Below the Belt

Dance with your whole body! This 2-hour advanced workshop highlights your lovely legs and more! Learn the secrets of the sexiest stocking peels (and which stockings to use). Take your burlesque to a whole new level — literally — with floor- and chairwork. Please bring thigh high stockings (not pantyhose) or tall socks; a garter belt is optional. Kneepads are recommended for the floorwork section.

Caring for Your Costumes

Give your beloved costumes the care they deserve! You lavish so much time, effort, and money on them before they go on stage, so learn to take care of your costume after you come off stage! Miss Mina, The Martha Stewart of Burlesque, teaches you the methods theatrical costumers and museum professionals use to clean, store, transport, and maintain costumes (and vintage clothes) so that they last and last. Save money and look better!

Edge Beading for Subtle Sparkle!

Rhinestones aren’t the only way to make your costumes sparkle! Beautiful beadwork made many burlesque costumes of the past shimmer. Learn to add a hint of sparkle to any edge of your costume! Beautiful on its own, edge-beading can also be used as a base for more elaborate beading, including beaded fringe. In this workshop, award-winning costumer Miss Mina Murray will teach both the basic technique and more elaborate variations. Students should bring a pair of scissors. Materials kits available for $5 each. Auditors welcome.

Getting Tight: A Guide to Corsetry

Corsets are one of those classic burlesque costume elements, but they can be baffling. Over-bust, waist training, spiral steel, busks. . . What does it all mean? Let Miss Mina Murray, an award-winning, internationally ranked costumer and long-time corset-wearer, guide you through all aspects of corsetry. Students learn what to look for when buying a corset, secrets of making your own, how to properly wear a corset, how to remove it on stage, and corset care.

Stalking the Stocking

Stockings make our legs look sleek and lovely, but it's so exciting when they come off! Discover different types of hosiery and the best types for removing. Learn how to gracefully remove your shoes, elegantly peel off your stockings, and master the one-handed garter pop. Students should bring thigh-high stockings (or tall socks) and (optional) a garter belt. Wear clothing that makes it easy to show off your legs.

The Teasing Touch

You hold the power to improve your burlesque routines in your hands – literally! The hand is one of the most expressive body parts.  A strong and lively hand can frame your removes or draw every eye to subtle movements.  This class increases student's awareness of their hands. Through a series of exercises we will demonstrate choreographed and improvised techniques to fully utilize the power of the hand. Bring energy to your glove peels and grace to your gestures! Please bring a pair of gloves.

Who's Who in Classic Burlesque

Who were the women who shaped the Golden Age of burlesque and inspired today's performers? Burlesque historian Miss Mina takes you on a lively trip through history, highlighting some of the influential performers in burlesque from the Victorian Era to the 1950's during this fun slideshow and talk.