Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Greeting from San Jose, CA! I’m at Costume-Con this weekend. Two cross-country trips a week apart… I’m not exactly sure how that happened…

Anyhow, here’s your tip!

When measuring yourself for a costume or fitting one, ask a friend for help.

It’s possible, especially of you have an excellent dress form, to do this sort of thing yourself, but it’s always more accurate to do it on your own body. However, if you move, you’re changing your measurements. And you might need to contort yourself pretty seriously to reach parts of your body. I’ve been there. It’s much easier and more accurate to stand still and let someone else get the exact measurements or fit the garment on you.

This tip brought to you by Ava Fox crawling around on the floor last night after rehearsal to mark the hem on my new costume. My troupemates are the best.

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