Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! Tomorrow we have the first of our Some Enchanted Evening shows at Naukabout Brewery. It’s sold out! And the 17th at Deacon Giles is sold out too! However, you can still see us at our biggest and fanciest show — Valentine’s Day at Central Wharf Co. Tickets include dinner!

Our theme for the show is magic! The Faerie Queene, my striptease and slight-of-hand act will be making an appearance, and all the BeauTease have learned a few tricks to delight you.

With no further ado, or commercial plugs, here’s your tip:

If you like a song, but it’s not quite right, look for a different arrangement.

When working with jazz standards and burlesque classics, there are many versions of the same song, literally dozens to choose from for some of them, if not more. For example, “Cheek to Cheek” has been recorded by over 400 different artists!

My troupe, which has a somewhat retro aesthetic, often uses modern music which has been arranged in a more vintage style (e.g. Postmodern Jukebox).

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