A New Teaser

Dear Constant Reader,

I’m so excited to announce the The Boston BeauTease have a new troupe member!

Meet the devastating Devastasia!

Devastasia started as a student at B.A.B.E.. She completed three of our advanced act creation courses and performed in student showcases and The Newcomers Showcase at The Expo. She also volunteered her impressive artistic skills during The Wrathskellar in 2015.

In 2016 she was cast as a maid (like a stage kitten, only creepier and with more responsibilities) in Wrathskellar Tales and she was a major part of making our set as weird and fabulous as it was.

Here’s some of her fine work!

Summoning Circle

Wall in the Contessa’s Seraglio

Left Luggage Room Sign

The Lost Girl’s Doll House

At the end of last year, she auditioned for and was invited to join our first crop of apprentices, dubbed The Irregulars, and appeared in Twenty Seven-Tease, The Great Burlesque Exposition, and The Big Time. She proved to be invaluable as an artist, a costumer, and a performer. We all had such a great time working together that we mutually decided to extend her time as an apprentice into the next term.

Since then she appeared at the Mini BurlExpo, in a group number with The BeauTease at The Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival, and in Cover Girls on tour. In light of her hard-work, dedication, and skill, and that we like hanging out with her an awful lot, it only seemed natural to invite her to join the troupe.

We’re so delighted to have such a multi-talented performer and all-around lovely person join our ranks!

See her on stage in Cover Girls in Cambridge on Saturday, September 30th and Bad Luck Burlesque on Friday, October 13th in Salem.

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