BurlyCon 2020: Prologue

Dear Constant Reader,

In a normal world in early November I would fly to Seattle for BurlyCon (and also to see friends and family). I’ve been attending since the very first year and have only missed three (two due to a conflicting show and one because of serious illness). This is not a normal world, so the usual BurlyCon where we all pack into a hotel near the airport couldn’t happen. Instead, they took it on-line.

This was a massive undertaking in a relatively short time. As one of the presenters I got to see a little of how the sausage was made and it was pretty impressive.

Instead of a jam-packed four days with multiple tracks of classes plus other events, the schedule stretched over two weeks. If you couldn’t take a class live, most were recorded for later watching (and will be available until the end of December). If you didn’t have a full pass, you could (and still can) purchase individual classes a la carte.

There were advantages and drawbacks of the on-line set-up, of course. I’ll probably talk about those more specifically as I tell you about the programs I experienced.

I loved seeing the faces of my burlesque colleagues again and hearing voices in The Manor that weren’t just those of its occupants. It always felt so quiet when a class was over. I missed seeing people in person, hanging out between classes, and going shopping. And just being somewhere other than my house…

More to come.

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