Creating Choreography for BABE

Dear Constant Reader,

True confession time. I do not like creating choreography. It doesn’t come easily to me and it’s not particularly fun. However, it’s a good teaching tool and students seem to like learn routines as much (if not more) as building skills. How about a peek behind the curtain of my process for the new one I’m teaching on Thursday?

A choreography for teaching is very different than one for performing. I want something easy enough to teach in a limited time, but still challenge the students, have a variety of moves/skills, incorporate modifications as necessary, and be fun. The one in question also needs to evoke Valentine’s Day.

Because I don’t enjoy creating choreography, I dawdle and dally and then have to scramble madly. This time,  I vowed to have my shapely butt in gear and make Valen-Tease a quality class without making myself crazy. It didn’t hurt that a whole bunch of students registered as soon as the class was announced. (Want in? There’s still room.)

I set a deadline of having the whole thing completed by the Sunday before the class (this past Sunday) so I could show it to the BeauTease and get feedback. I had a concept, which is what I announced — a sensual striptease out of a robe, stockings and heels, done partially on a bed or couch. Then I needed music that would fit the bill; something it the 3-minute range, since I have just an hour to teach. Scratch made some suggestions, one of which inspired me to use a different song by the same artist.

Song acquired, I broke it down into sections and sketched out my ideas for each part. Then I got into costume and tried it out. And changed things, and tried again, and changed things, again and again, until something solid and reproducible emerged. It’s a tedious process. At least for me.

At last I had something I was wiling to show other people.  As luck would have it, our in-person rehearsal was moved on-line because of the snowstorm, so I could show the troupe from the room where I would be teaching. They gave me some feedback and made some suggestions based on my demonstration. Then we all did it together and gave me some more thoughts.

A little more work and it’s ready for class on Thursday! Except that I’ll probably make a few tweaks while teaching, since no choreography survives contact with students.

Perhaps you’ll join me….

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