Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! Tonight The Boston BeauTease are presenting Brrrlesque at The Thalia and it’s sold out! We’re bringing the show to Salem tomorrow and the early show is also sold out! Last I heard there were still some tickets available for the 9:30pm show, but I don’t expect they’re going to last very long.

And now, your tip!

When performing on a particularly small or unusually-shaped stage, mark the same size or shape on your rehearsal space floor.

By having a clear delineation of the performance area, you can see if your act needs to be modified (“if I do that, I’m going to smash into a wall”) and you get used to performing within the constraints of the space.

We have a wooden dance floor in our studio, so we use painter’s tape to mark the area. Make sure it’s tape that can be peeled up without damaging the floor. If tape isn’t an option, you could use string or perhaps chalk.

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