Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Well, it’s Friday and I was supposed to be sending you this tip from BurlyCon. Instead, I’m at home. Why? That’s today’s tip.

Sometimes heroic measures are not called for.

In the performing arts we talk a lot about the heroic measures that performers take when they are sick or injured to make sure the show goes on. Sometimes it’s necessary, as anyone who’s ever pushed through on stage with a sore throat or a pulled muscle knows.

Sometimes it’s not heroism, it’s foolishness. Continuing to perform when you are very sick or severely injured can making things worse for you. You’re lengthening your recovery time and, in the case of illness, exposing others. Taking the time to rest and recover is important. And you know what is heroic? Finding a replacement if you have to drop out of a gig.

This is why I’m not at BurlyCon. On Halloween I developed a cough that rapidly got worse. I was determined to fulfill my obligations and go to BurlyCon to teach my classes and distribute my books. We worked so hard to get the new book ready in time.

About 5 hours before I was going to leave for the airport, I realized this was dumb and also selfish. Exposing my already weakened immune system to the stresses of two flights and a hotel full of people was probably going to make me sicker. Not to mention that I just wouldn’t be able to enjoy the event or get much value from it. I can barely go 5 minutes without coughing — how was I supposed to take classes, let alone teach? And despite any precautions I might take, I’d probably pass this charming virus along to some of my fellow burlesquers. Not cool.

So I’m home. I’m not happy about it, but I’ll be spending my “vacation” continuing to try get healthy. And just a reminder, get travel insurance.

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