Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s Friday. Here’s your tip:

You are allowed to take up space.

Women are often told both subtly and overtly to minimize ourselves, not to take up too much space, not too be too loud or too shrill. You can see the influence in some women’s posture — holding their limbs close to their bodies, hunching, slouching, slumping, contracting, trying to be small, to be invisible.

You can be big. You may be big. Take up your fair share of space.

As performers, especially as burlesque performers, we have an obligation to be expansive. Use the whole stage. Make your facial expressions big so they read in the back row. Make your gestures broad so there is no doubt about your intention. If you sing or speak, be loud and clear so you will be heard and understood. Let your emotions be seen by the entire audience.

Be splashy, be flashy, be whatever you want, but claim your space and use it. Bring your heart forward and stop hunching. Stand tall and proud without slouching.

It’s your space. Take it. Use it. Revel in it.

I’ll see many of you tomorrow.

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