Performing Live Again

Dear Constant Reader,

The BeauTease have our first live show* on Saturday! We’ve been performing throughout the Long Intermission — five recorded shows (and I’m pretty proud of how much better they got as time went on), but it’s not the same thing. Performing for a camera is not like performing for people. Live means no reshoots and no clever editing — what you see is what you get. Nobody is going to be watching the recording later; the audience that shows up that night is the total audience we have.

We went back to rehearsing twice a week. Besides dusting off our acts, we are also refreshing the rhythms of a show. Although we’ve kept practicing our dance moves and routines, that’s only part of what makes up a show. We have to remember how to set up the backstage, the most efficient way to change costumes between acts, how to engage the audience and react to their reactions, how to support one another before and during the performances, what equipment to bring.

It’s a brand new venue for us — upstairs from the American Burlesque Collection. So exciting! Scratch and Hunter have been working in the theatre to improve the lighting (and possibly other things that I don’t know about). We’ve left plenty of time in the schedule to try out the stage and figure out the quirks and advantages, but still there are likely to be some surprises (not necessarily a bad thing). 

It’s the magic of live theatre! I hope you will join us on Saturday! (VIP tickets get you a tour of the new museum exhibit before the show!)

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*Full disclosure, there were two live performances in early spring this year — one just me and one with the troupe. Both were small, private birthday parties, with safety precautions, but it was still very stressful and only served to remind me what I was missing so badly.