Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Today’s tip brought to you by something that happened last weekend…

Want to be a hero? Bring a just-in-case act with you.

Stuff happens and sometimes a performer can’t make a show at literally the last minute and the show is going to be too short. If you have that extra act, you can help fill the void and give the audience the show they expected.

It should be something that packs small and that you know well and can perform in most venues (you know, perhaps not your giant champagne glass bath!). Also make sure you’ve got your music in a way you can get it to the DJ.

Ava Fox was just in a show where one of the other performers had an emergency and had to leave right before curtain. Quick-thinking Ava had the costume for another act in her car, which a stage kitten ran out to get, and the audience was none the wiser.


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