Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Greetings from Oregon! I’m in Portland for the first annual Booklover’s Burlesque Festival. If you were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket to the now-sold-out Cozy Classics Brunch, you’ll see me perform The Faerie Queene on Sunday.

Here’s your tip!

When traveling, plan your outfits to bring the fewest items while still looking good.

I know there’s this image of the showgirl with her massive pile of suitcases. Legends would travel with trunks, one for the theatre and one for the hotel. However, these days are over and baggage fees are high. I’ve flown to perform, even internationally, with a carry-on suitcase and large totebag.

The key is carefully planning your wardrobe to be as small as possible. Obviously, your costume and everything else you need for the show is the most important and takes precedence in your suitcase. Beyond that, be as minimal as you can. I’ll wear a comfortable dress on the airplane (and change out of it when I arrive, so I can wear it on the way back). I’ll usually bring one skirt and coordinating tops for day time. Evening attire is a little harder, but a classic LBD with different accessories each night is my go-to. And remember — you really do only need 2 pairs of shoes.

Now, I’m talking three, four days, not a month. The longer you’re going to be away, the harder it gets to keep your luggage small, but the principles still apply. The more space you save, the more room you have to bring goodies back!

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