Artist Spotlight: Sinister Sarah

Dear Constant Reader,

The most recent artwork that I have been privileged to receive came from Sinister Sarah herself, the mad artisan behind The Slightly Sinister Academy of Crafts. When she released her video on stained glass, she also held a contest where the two people who solved a murder mystery (most accurate answer and most entertaining, as I recall) would win hand-made stained glass suncatchers of her own original designs. 

As you’ve probably guessed…


I remember there was a spider design and a lantern one. I knew they would be gorgeous and didn’t care which one I received. It took some time for Sarah to make the stained glass pieces and a lot happened in both our lives in the interim, as well as that of the other winner.

I was unprepared when the suncatcher finally arrived.


She even captured his signature crossed-paws pose. I’m so overwhelmed that she did this. I know how difficult and time-consuming it is to work in stained glass and yet she chose to make this portrait instead of one of her planned designs.

Unfortunately, the other winner had also lost her beloved cat, Morpheus, not long after Albert died, and she also received a memorial portrait. 

I don’t have the words for how touched I am. I need to find a special place, safe from the predations of certain cats, where I can see the sun glow through this marvelous gift.

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