Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s been busy! I had a couple of days to recover from the RVA Burlesque Festival last weekend, then last night was Burlesque with a Band. Tonight is Monster Truck Burlesque at Deacon Giles (it’s our April Fool’s Day show – there aren’t actually monster trucks, but there will be burlesque). Tomorrow I’m hosting a bachelorette party in a charming seaside town. Eventually I’ll have some down time…

Here’s your tip, courtesy of Mr. Scratch:

If you need a better grip with your slippery shoes, paint or spray the sole with a liquid rubber or silicone.

He recommends bathroom caulk, Shoe GOO, tool dip, or a leak seal spray. You can get any of these at the hardware store. Unlike scuffing or sanding or scoring the soles, you are adding a layer instead of taking away, which will help the shoe last longer.

If they are very expensive shoes, you should probably take them to a cobbler to have a rubber half-sole added instead.

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