Review: The Burlesque Posing Guide

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I met Stephanie May of La Photographie Boudoir at Michelle L’amour’s Stripper’s Holiday a few years ago. Since then I was fortunate to have a virtual photoshoot with her. As a photographer, she wants you to look good, so she created this resource to help.

Poing Guide coverThe Burlesque Posing Guide by Stephanie May Saujion of La Photographie, 2022.

The posing guide is available in print, as a PDF, and as an app. I only have the print edition, so I can’t speak to the other versions. It’s a full-color glossy magazine with  45 images of burlesque performers in various poses. They’re grouped by category, like standing, kneeling, crawling, &c.

Each page is dominated by a large color photo of a model with notes pointing out all the little factors that  make their pose great, like “toes pointed”, “hip popped”, “tiny smile”, &c. There’s also a small version of the photo without any of the text so you can see the pose without any distractions. Posing Guide page

Since all 45 photos were shot by the same photographer, there is a certain continuity in the photos, but they are far from identical. Some are coy, some are bold. There are varying levels of undress, but no nudity.

There isn’t a “how to use this guide” or even an introduction; it just dives right into the poses. Every page credits the models and lists their Instagram handle. The last three pages include a biography of the photographer and  thumbnails of all the photos with the models’ names.

If you’re planning a sexy photoshoot, this guide can give you some inspiration for your own poses. Major burlesque fans might want it just for the photos, but it’s really set up to be a resource for models.

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